Welcome to Cartagena de Indias, a place where you will enjoy incredible stories of bravery, incomparable ranges of colors and translucent beaches.

The construction of Castillo San Felipe and its surroundings, such as the walled city, was aimed at defense against attempts at conquest by the Spanish and English. If you think pirate stories are fictional, be prepared to hear stories that go beyond reality.

The Getsemaní neighborhood is characterized by its striking colors and its bohemian character. In it you can find street art, music, dance and fun at all times, apart from central hotels, fun bars and cheap restaurants.

The greatest attraction of Cartagena is the innumerable variety of beaches and islands. These are accompanied by crystalline waters and a tropical climate that sparkle the sand and infect the desire to take an endless dip.

These beaches and islands are differentiated by the type of activity that can be carried out: some are party (like Cholón), family (like Barú or Bocagrande), private (like Bora Bora), romantic (like Punta Norte) or interactive / sports (like Marbella, Boquilla or Playa Cristal).

Due to the tropical climate, a lot of fish, marine products and refreshing drinks are consumed, such as panela water. However, both inside and outside the walled city you can find restaurants for all tastes and palate.