Be captivated in Costa Mujeres

Costa Mujeres is located thirteen kilometers from the city of Cancun, very close to the Yucatan peninsula, southeast of Mexico, the best time to spend vacations in Costa Mujeres is throughout the year, since it has a tropical climate that allows swimming and bathing, although most tourists travel in winter and spring

- To get there you have to go to Puerto Juárez, on the outskirts of Cancun, from where the ferries leave for the island, they only take 15 minutes to cover up the journey.

- It can be seen that golf vehicles not only serve to move their objects but also so that tourists can walk their streets and surroundings.

- For snorkeling activities, two of the best places are: The farito area, where there are many rocks and hundreds of colorful fish, also the underwater museum of Isla Mujeres, curious to see because there are sculptures at the bottom of the sea

- From December to April, there is less rain, sunnier skies and mild temperatures, so this time is ideal to go to the beach, visit the ancient ruins and explore the lush jungles.

A little history of Isla Mujeres.

Before the first arrival of the Spanish in 1517, the island was already consecrated by Mayan peoples to the goddess of the moon and fertility Ixchel. It was a place of pilgrimage for women, who visited the island in their symbolic passage from girl to woman. Offerings in female forms were also deposited to the goddess, a fact that gave her the name of Isla Mujeres.

Today, the pilgrimage to the island is carried out by lovers of marine animals and the beauty of its tropical nature.

Tourist attractions

If Costa Mujeres is your choice of vacation destination, you will enjoy its idyllic coasts. The best beaches in the region stand out for their temperate seas, incredible white sand, and waters that vary between aquamarine and bluish-green colors.

Best beaches:

- Playa Lancheros: A fairly large and cozy beach where you can find restaurants to have a snack after a good swim.

- North Beach: It is one of the best beaches in this area of ​​Mexico and in which you will discover places of accommodation to observe from sunrise to sunset.

- Garrafón Beach: A perfect place to do snorkeling activities, since it has shallow waters you can observe a variety of fish.


White Island

Famous for being an excellent place to practice kitesurfing, this place has an incomparable beauty, since on one side you can see the Caribbean Sea and, on the other, the Chacmuchuc lagoon and exuberant mangroves.

The Meco

This Mayan archaeological site is a five-level pyramid with a height of 17 meters, the largest Mayan building in the coastal region, known as "El Castillo" for its main structure which boasts a privileged view of its surroundings.


Turtle farm

If your travel plans are between the months of May and September, you will get to see the sea turtle spawning spectacle, this place on Isla Mujeres is characterized by having these animals safe from their predators that almost take it to its extension. After their birth, the turtles are placed in ponds and are accompanied to the sea by children from local schools and tourists, who help them return to their marine habitat.


Punta sur

On the other side of the island, in the furthest part of town, is Punta Sur. Here you can admire beautiful views of the cliffs, there is also a statue of an iguana and a lighthouse, near it there is also a park with 23 sculptures, and the ruins of the Mayan temple to Ixchel (the goddess of the moon and the fertility)


Main square and the Immaculate Conception Parish.

Very apart from its beaches, Costa Mujeres invites you to be part of its streets, in them you will find the small square where you can taste its street gastronomy and also observe its Parish which leaves its doors open until night to participate in a mass of the day.