Paradise in Bahamas

Bahamas gives life to a great diversity of mangroves made up of its unique vegetation and natural wealth, its eccentric inhabitants of marine fauna from dolphins, turtles, rays to huge schools of fish, this will make you join an adventure in the third largest reef coral of the world.

It is surrounded by crystalline islands and celestial color, which is perfect to spend the best vacations or simply visit it to discover the beauty that is around it.

- Nassau the main capital of the Bahamas is a fascinating cultural destination. Captivatingly modern and ancient at the same time, if you stay in this capital it is very easy to explore the Bahamas. Many attractions are located in the old historic city and can be reached on foot

- Nassau airport is the main airport in the Bahamas and serves this capital. It has more than 4 million passengers a year, receiving flights from the Caribbean, Central America, Canada and the United States.

-The Bahamas have a tropical to subtropical climate, moderated by the influx of the waters of the Gulf Stream, especially in winter.

- If you visit this beautiful place in the month of July you will be participating in the most important fishing tournament on the island, the contestants, mostly the residents, amaze with their speed and precision.

- Without a doubt, being a place surrounded by calm waters, diving and snorkelling are the most practiced water sports, but the most famous is beach soccer.

A little of you history.

In the beginnings of this paradise, the Spanish explorers called them the Lucayas Islands, after the Lucayans, an indigenous Arawak people, the first settlers of the island.

The etymology of the origin of its name is due to a deformation of the Spanish 'baja mar' by the lagoons that are characteristic of the local relief, however, it proposes a Taino origin: ba ha ma ("Great high ground of the center"), supposed indigenous name of the island.

The Bahamas were under Spanish sovereignty and gradually they were transformed into hiding places and nests of pirates, buccaneers and filibusters, especially English so much so that in 1973, the inhabitants of the Bahamas voted in favor of independence and declared themselves independent from the United Kingdom, although they remained within of the Commonwealth of Nations

Bahamas culture.

Although it is true this place of natural wealth has beautiful landscapes, it also has a unique culture due to its mixture of settlers in its beginnings, we will see that in the Bahamas approximately 85% of the population are descendants of immigrants who arrived from Africa. But not all are descended from slaves, some descended from free owners who were highly respected in their community.

They carry out various festivals related to traditional cultivation or food, such as the "Pineapple" Festival in Gregory Town, Eleuthera, or the "Crab Festival" in Andros, but without a doubt the most anticipated is the Junkanoo Carnival Held every Christmas and New Year's Day, it is a traditional parade and the most popular form of expression dancing to the rhythm of its music and dancing the dance in its streets, celebrated in Nassau.

The traditional crafts of the Bahamas have always been a part of the lifestyle and their culture, many of their elaborations are made of wood, ceramics and palm leaves (straw), they include basketry, hats and bags, which are the most popular tourist elements. popular.

Currently, the population of the Bahamas is characterized by being very friendly people who love to talk about any topic, a natural sympathy that welcomes everyone

Bahamas and its tourist attractions.


· The capital, Nassau, is a fascinating cultural destination that is located on the northwest coast of the island of New Providence and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Bahamas.

· We will see its greatest attraction reflected around its streets, from Victorian houses to modern apartments of overflowing luxury.

Its buildings include Parliament and Courts, Port Charlotte and Bay Street.

Harbor Island.

The oldest settlement in the Bahamas first established by the English in 1700. Dazzled by its pink sand beaches and elegant resorts, the island has long been a haven for the rich and famous as well as a top attraction. Bahamas tourism.

Grand Bahama.

It is a really wide island, which has virgin beaches with white sand and crystal clear water. In addition, it is also surrounded by underwater caves, perfect for doing some aquatic activity for divers and many species of native birds can be observed in its three national parks.

Treasure cay

Located within the Abaco which is a group of small islands that occupy a total of 210 kilometers, Treasure Cay is a highly desired refuge for those seeking tranquility. In this Abaco you can rent a boat to go island hopping.

Exuma Cay Land and Sea National Park.

It is the world's first marine park (opened in 1958), and the Abaco National Park, home to the Bahamian parrot, a protected species.

Also of interest is Inagua National Park, one of the largest pink flamingo reserves in the world, and Union Creek Reserve which has a research center and a hatchery for giant tortoises.


Big Major Key

Also known as the Island of the Pigs or Pig Beach, a very exotic place due to the friendly hosts who are swimming in its turquoise waters, as they are nothing more than friendly feral pigs. There are many theories of the existence of these animals in this part of the island but the best is that many years ago they were left there by pirates and some have managed to survive using the small island as their refuge.