The places you must visit in Miami

Miami is a tourist destination known for its dazzling beaches and overwhelming sunshine. It is a tropical destination that is very visited throughout the year, but it has many other attractions as impressive as its beaches. Here is a brief summary of the places you must visit during your stay in Miami:

  • South Beach
    On this beach and its picturesque art deco buildings you can find everything you are looking for. From relaxing and crystal clear beaches, exclusive shops and restaurants, to passionate and endless parties. South Beach portrays the classic cinematic framing: surfers, skaters, models, athletes, parties, and the beach under an overwhelming sun.
  • Little Havana
    Calle Ocho (SW 8th Street) is an invitation, and even a welcome, to the joy and mischief of Cuba. Here you can find different shops and restaurants that replicate the real Cuban streets. Be surprised by their food, music and friendliness. We recommend you try the coffee and the cigar.
  • Everglades National Park
    This is one of the must-see destinations for nature lovers. In this natural park of more than 6000 km2 you can find a variety of wild flora and fauna, which includes 14 animals in danger of extinction, such as the American crocodile, the Florida panther, the Antillean manatee, among others. Likewise, you can take part in walks or excursions, go hiking, rent bicycles, canoes or kayaks, among other activities. It is advisable to visit it during the dry season, between November and March, due to the availability of these activities and due to the greater visibility of the animals.
  • Key West
    Known for the visit of pirates, explorers, writers, among others, Key West is currently a very popular destination among lovers of marine sports and nightlife.
    In its plaza called Mallory Square, ideally located in front of the sea, activities are carried out every afternoon at the “Sunset Party”. This celebration begins 2 hours before sunset and is accompanied by music, dance, and street art.
    Here you can find the house of former President Harry S. Truman, which today functions as an open museum that exhibits photographs, history, among other things from the time.
    If you are a lover of literature, you will not want to miss the next destination: the Ernest Hemingway House Museum. Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954, Hemingway wrote different titles with Key West as a source of inspiration. All the original furniture among which Hemingway and his family lived are preserved here.
  • Bayside marketplace
    Miami brings together the best fashion stores and boutiques and the best shopping centers. This is an acclaimed destination not only among fashionistas and shoppers, but among the general public. This is because this mall is outdoors and has an incredible ocean view. Here you will find from small to exclusive stores.
  • Miami Seaquarium
    This marine center has been active since 1955 and today it offers a range of activities for both adults and children. Here you can not only meet marine species such as fish, sharks, rays, among others, but also interact with them. You can swim with sea lions, seals, dolphins, and immerse yourself in a huge aquarium of more than 1 million liters. Here you can also enjoy the different shows scheduled throughout the day, where the protagonists are a friendly whale and a group of dolphins.
  • Crandon park beach
    This is the ideal destination if you travel with children and want to enjoy the sea, due to its serene waves and its shallow depth. Here you can enjoy many palm trees under which you can sunbathe, tables, grills, games for children, among others. If you are looking for more comfort and privacy, you can also rent a cabin very close to the beach.
  • Wynwood Walls
    This is one of the most colorful and artistic places in Miami. In this park there are more than 40 urban art murals by different international artists. This outdoor platform, which was born in the early 2000s as a complement to Art Basel, the annual contemporary art fair, is renewed every year. Although it is available throughout the year, it is advisable to visit this park in December, the month in which Art Basel is held in Miami. During that month you can enjoy activities and street shows, meetings between artists, bars and terraces animated with music, among others.
  • Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden
    This huge 33-hectare garden is home to an exciting and incredible variety of exotic plants and trees from all over the world. This park, which currently has more than 3400 species on display divided into highland and lowland ecosystems, was founded in 1938 by David Fairchild, one of the world's greatest plant collectors and researchers, and Robert H. Montgomery, a man from business passionate about botany. To better enjoy the garden, you can opt for guided tours or tram tours inside the garden, and also choose to have lunch at any of its two restaurants. Throughout the year various activities are held within Fairchild, such as art or musical exhibitions, art and photography classes, the orchid festival, among others.