Today, Key West is famous for water sports, lively nightlife, beaches, and historic sites. A good way to enjoy Key West is walking through its streets, however, it is also possible to take the Conch Train, the Old Town Trolley or rent a bicycle. Many of the tourist attractions are on Duval Street, which is its central hub, making it a good place to start your tour.

If you have decided to visit Key West during your trip to Miami, we recommend that you reserve a whole day for this excursion, since the island offers a lot of interesting places to visit.


It is the main road, where the main shops, restaurants, most famous and popular bars in all of Key West are located. It is the most important commercial area and crosses the island from north to south.

It is named after William Pope Duval, Florida's first territorial governor and is the epicenter of city life

Sloppy Joe's a typical American tavern where they make delicious minced meat sandwiches and that always has a very lively atmosphere, although it has also become very touristy.


At the end of Duval Street is this large square overlooking the sea. Every day it is full of tourists to watch the sunset, and with good reason, it is spectacular; the horizon is stained an impressive orange and, if a small boat also passes by, it is one of those postcards that you will not want to erase from your memory.


The plaza faces west, towards the Gulf of Mexico, and due to the magnificent location, the "Sunset Celebration" takes place every afternoon.



It is a place that you should not miss when visiting Key West. The mansion was built in 1851 and is in the Spanish colonial style. It was the first house of the writer in which he resided with his wife Pauline and their two children. All the furniture preserved in it are original. Visiting the studio where Hemingway produced the famous novel about Key West during the Great Depression is exciting.

The house where Hemingway spent more than 10 years looking for peace and where he wrote many of his works, today it is a museum that can be visited.


It is the place where the southernmost point of the United States of America is marked and it is also the closest point to Cuba (90 miles).

Take a picture of yourself on the buoy that represents the closest point to Cuba from the United States



In the keys the beaches are not wave beaches, on the contrary, they are calm waters and in many of them they do not cover more than the knee.

Anne's Beach for its depth and its gusts of wind, is used to practice kitesurfing or flysurfing, a sport that combines a board with a traction kite to take advantage of the force of the wind

Here are other lists of beaches that you can visit.




The clear and warm waters of Key West make this place perfect for dives


Very close to Ernest Hemingway's house stands the Key West Lighthouse known as the Light house Museum.

The lighthouse was for many years a place of surveillance of the navy until in 1969 it was ceded as a patrimony of the country. Next to its base, there is a small wooden house that displays articles from the lantern and other historical objects.

The tower itself after climbing the 88 steps, offers fabulous aerial views of Key West